For all the souls who feel at home when they hit the coast, Italian beaches are their dream come true. From a huge lot of beaches on the southern coast of the country, the northern islands are no exception in any way. If there are beautiful long beaches with their local food items to offer, along with many memorable places to visit with exquisite beauty worth capturing through your camera lens.

On the other hand, the northern islands offer scenic, the serenity of water and places less visited by the tourists and hence serving the tranquility of the region on one side of the plate along with spices of adventure sports, garnished with palaces and colorful villages. These beaches are the only ones in the world to offer a dream of deep blue water within a dream of the star-lit skies at night and colorful artistic establishment in the days.


A beautiful place where high white rocks of the mountains meet the Mediterranean blue sea is where Scala Dei Turchi Beach is located. Out of the many wonders which Italian land has. It is held high in the southern part of one of the most visited cities in Italy which is Sicily. The huge mountains surrounding the beach are made up of the white sedimentary rocks and are shaped in the form of stairs. Hence the name has been given to it which means Stairs of the Turks.

It is a beautiful sight to the sore eyes, especially if you are a cold-weather resident and are looking for a warmer day at the beach. Scala de Turchi is just the place for you. Some moments around it give a sense of how small are you in this whole wide world. The white rocks are a sense of peace to the rush of travelers and the blue sea which goes as long as the blue horizon submerges into it is an experience that can only be felt.

Spend long majestic hours at the beachside, indulging into local Italian delicacies and street food items that are available nearby. The other places that you can visit here which makes this beach all the more upon your must-visit lists are: Valley of the temples and scala dei turchi, yes, of course, this beach has its temple with sky-high pillars singing the songs of man-made history, a nearby valley, Agrigento, another Turkish marvel and the warmest and welcoming sea experiences through boats available on the shores.


Another beautiful beach in Southern Italy, which is known as the hub for tourists throughout the year from the entire world, located at the city of Bari, Apulia on the Adriatic Sea is Polignano a mare beach. It emerged from the prehistoric times with the glory of ancient Roman culture and the Greek monuments. Because it is a famous place not only because of the beach but the beautiful city around it, the lanes and streets are always very crowded.

Through, the tough lanes of the city, this beach gives you the scenic view of the city Porto bianco for all your Insta-worthy photographs, a lovely meditational place, the church of Abbazia di san vito, founded by Benedictine; to keep your mind boggled by the Museo Pascali which translates into Museum of Pascal and just to be free like the statue of Domenico Modigno.

There is a lot to see and more to experience on this beautiful beach apart from sun tanning and views of the great sea. But when it comes to the food, this place becomes a must visit and can make you go weak on the knees when it offers you its ice cream which is recommended by every other soul who visits this land. One small scoop of ice cream can be made you desire for more and more every day till you are here.


Away from the hum-drum lives of the city, Positano is an Italian beach on the Amalfi coast in Campania and is a must-visit. Open-air showers, colorful umbrellas, long coastlines on one side, and a beautiful scenic village on the other. Hotel room balconies being open on one side of the sea merging with sky-high lush green mountains of rock on the other side could only be once in a lifetime experience.

Calling Positano, a single beach would be cheating with travel enthusiasts and the people who prefer to discover something new every time they visit new places. Instead, it is a group of multiple beaches all around the coastline of the village, each offering you a different set of activities to do and multiple breathtaking views all at the same time. Laurito, a photogenic beach along with La Porta and Fornillo are an idyllic destination. Whereas, Torre Di Clavel Furore Di Fiordo brings out the blend of illustrational and imagistic views.

And if the served beaches are any less into your wander lusted heart, you can simply hop on a small boat and hit the water to discover some of your beaches to breathe in the serenity and lustrous beauty of this place. At night, when the sky turns dark into the sea, the village’s sketched beauty doesn’t let you down and is more reflective on a full moon night.


Moving from all the beaches in the South of the region to the North of the country, there is Monterosso al mare beach at one of the villages among five of the beaches in the Cinque terre region. It is located in the west part of the Cinque terre region and is a small natural gulf, protected by an artificial reef. This is one of those rare beaches which offers the adventures of hiking in its lap.

Though Cinque Terre is famous for its colorful villages situated on its coast, its beaches are no less than the villages. You can plan a full-day tour to this beach from Florence. Apart from sunbathing on the beach with colorful villages in the background, you can also visit the Church of San Francesco for some mindfulness after meditating at the sound of the waves.

Enjoy the delicacies of the street food available here specifically for a person with a sweet tooth or simply reach the cliff of Loverno which has its mention in the movie “Letters to Juliet”. Drop-in all your luggage in the most luxurious hotels available on the beach, get brunch at the beach, and return to a glass of wine with a lit evening in the village with a slice of pizza.



If longer beaches and a group of beaches becomes exhaustive for you and you want to opt for smaller, less crowded options then The Cola Gorlitz in Baunei on the island of Sardinia is one perfect place for you. One can simply feel the vibe of the place and easily swears by the fact the place locks your feet and simply intends never to let you go. All the adventures on one small island in Italy can only be possible in this region.

Though it is a small island to roam around, what it lacks in the area compensates for the adventures over surface water. You can explore the local marine life while on a small boat on stranger waters here. Along with that, discover new routes with a guide underwater covered with huge caves where your guide might sing an Italian ballad for all of you claustrophobes.

Apart from touring the gulf of Orosei, you can plan a mini cruise with your travel companions to visit the places around for a schematic view from waters. If we are fulfilled on travel, the best eateries and local seafood delicacies would be waiting for you on your dinner table for a more content night after a tiring day cause no matter how small this island be, it makes every single second of your visit count.



Last but not least in any way Isola Bella beach is one of its kind in not only Italy but the whole world and is a perfect rainbow of history, vegetation, scenic beauty, and adventure all in one package. Situated in northern Italy, it is one of the Borromean Islands of Lago Maggiore. With blue water all around you and patches of big rocks and high mountains on a few of your sides, Isola Bella is a refinement for travelogues.

The main attractions for tourists here are the magnificent Baroque palace and the tulip colored botanical gardens of Isola Madre. Savor the priceless works of art by the Borromeo family and fill your tummy with the exquisiteness of the local food and dishes in the narrow lanes of small squared villages.

Experience a short visit to the famous fisher man’s island at morning or evening tours as per your convenience or simply have a romantic evening at the very calm castles of Cannero which is also known as the floating castles and not to forget to buy some memoirs on your trip to the open market nearby.