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Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018

Himalayan Odyssey 2018Royal Enfield is launching 15th edition Himalayan Odyssey on 5th July 2018 in New Delhi. This is the right set of circumstances where the bike lovers can ride their favorite path on raw & tough terrain. This will be from 5th July 2018 to 22nd July 2018 and the biker will cover a distance of about 2, 200 km approx. All the bike lovers, males or females, sharing passion to ride and experience rough roads can register themselves for this event. The interested ones can visit the Royal Enfield official website to register. There will be total 50 participants, out of which 30 for men’s event & 20 for the women’s event.
This is a great opportunity for the bike and travel enthusiasts to take part and live the experience as the opportunities like this doesn’t come again but once or twice in life, if you are getting more of them, consider yourself extremely lucky. The bikers has a set of rules and regulations to follow and pre-requisites to take care of which include servicing of the bike and make sure you take everything required at the journey. Know all about Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey .

All about Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey | Motorcycle Trip To Leh from Delhi.

How to register for Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018.

1. Go to the official website of Royal Enfield i.e.

2. Register by making an account and entering the details.

3. The details include ‘Name’, ‘DOB’, ‘Gender’, ‘Email & password’.

4. You can also signup with the Facebook account.

5. The Ride information will be shared next.

6. Read all the details regarding the Himalayan Odyssey 2018.

7. The payment for an individual is Rs. 48, 000/- & couple is Rs. 96, 000/-.

8. The payment for Rider is Rs. 42, 000/– & Pillion is 84, 000/-.

9. The payments are accepted only through credit cards.

10. Book yourself for the best experience of Royal Field Odyssey 2018.

11. Documents required for HO 2018 is.
i. Scanned Passport sized photograph.

ii. Medical history.

iii. Scanned Driving license.

iv. Scanned vehicle registration, Tax, PUC & Insurance certificate valid for the duration of the trip.

v. Scanned High risk Mediclaim Policy which is valid in India.

vi. Scanned Indemnity Bond.

vii. Scanned TMT test report, original to be carried along to Delhi.

viii. A photocopy of passport including 1st, last & pages with valid & expired visa stamps.


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Fitness test Himalayan Odyssey.

Fitness test for 2018 Royal Enfield’s Himalayan Odyssey.

1. The 16 days of Himalayan Odyssey will test the physical fitness of the participants by going in hilly and rough terrains.

2. The altitude, weather & pressure will increase so the physical conditioning of the rides has to be tested before.

3. Try 50 push up’s, 5Km run and measure timings which is considered good if done within 30 minutes.

4. 30 minutes is considered Very good, whereas 40-50 minutes is average & more than 50 minutes needs to work hard.

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Himalayan OdysseyAll about Royal Field Himalayan Odyssey 2018 route.

1. The Bikers will initiate the journey from India Gate, Delhi.

2. Route for Men Bikers will is Delhi-Chandigarh-Manali-Leh-Keylong-Kaza-Kalpa-Narkanda –Chandigarh.

3. Route for Women Bikers will be Delhi-Parwanoo-Narkanda-Manali-Leh-Jispa- Manali-Gushani-Chandigarh.

4. The Bikers will travel Khardung-La which is the highest motorable road in the world at 17, 500 ft above sea level.

5. The total distance to cover is approx. 2, 200 Kms in 17 days which means minimum 200 kms to maximum 300 kms ride a day.
Royal Enfield’s Himalayan Odyssey.

Included & not included items in fee for Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018.

1. Cottages and boarding arrangements include twin sharing format where dinner is also included in places except Delhi, Chandigarh & Leh.

2. What is not included is fuel, extra meals or snacks.

3. A get together in Leh for HO & HOW 2018 participants is included.


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Pre-requisites for Bikes

Pre-requisites for Bike at 2018 Himalayan Odyssey.

1. Get the Bike serviced ASAP.

2. Get new tubes which are less likely to get punctured.

3. Ensure the parts are genuine.

4. Check fork oil seals & rear swing-arm bush for play.

5. Check clutch which is vital for the journey.

6. Battery, earthing connections to be checked.

7. Check all cables, nuts & bolts and rubber components like carburetor manifold, fuel lines, air filter manifold etc.
Bike Gears at Odyssey

Gears and all important requirements for Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey 2018.

A good ride is an adventurous one with all the safety & right set of gears. The combination of these three is every bike makes sure of. Here are some gears which will keep the rider away from any harsh circumstances and are must bike travel accessories.

1. Helmet.

i. Helmet covers full face and mainly the head.

ii. It should not be too loose or too tight and should carry 2 sets of visors, a tinted one & a clear one.

iii. The tinted one is for sun rays and the clear one is to have a clear visibility in low visible situations.


2. Neck Protection.

i. The weather where the bikers are heading to has a harsh climate sometimes and one more way to keep protection is to keep neck protection.

ii. The foremost important part is to keep yourself safe from getting cold.

iii. The neck scarf or warmers also help to keep out the dust & cold.


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3. Gloves.

i. The gloves must be of the proper fit which protects your knuckles, finger joints, palms and the closure is proper.
ii. Carry two pairs for spare gloves which might get used on the spot.

4. Protective Jackets.

i. The bikers who have been to Leh Ladakh earlier knows how difficult the paths can be and unfavorable conditions can hit anytime.

ii. The protective jackets are to protect from cold waves and changing weather conditions in the mountains.

iii. The jackets are made from detachable thermal & water-protective layers for summers which can also be detached and used in summers.

iv. The protective jacket should carry armour in shoulders, elbows & knees for protection.

5. Protective Pants.

i. Like protective Jackets, protective pants keeps your outer shell tough.

ii. It has layers which protects from cold waves, rain and harsh temperature.

iii. It can be worn everyday as it is rough and tough material.

6. Boots.

i. An essential accessory which makes the base are good boots.

ii. The unpredictable terrain can be tackled through waterproof boots.

iii. The riders should ensure 2 layers of socks to keep warm.
Himalayan Odyssey

Rules for Royal Enfield 2018 Himalayan Odyssey.

1. The rules and regulations in Himalayan Odyssey are kept to maintain harmony and safety. Here are some bike travel tips.

2. The bike rider is not allowed to intoxicate themselves when riding.

3. A vehicle will be arranged to carry your luggage as one bag of 15Kg is allowed.

4. Basic necessities must be carried by the rider as the luggage carrier might take time to reach at the destination.

5. The service backup will also be given in case bike gets some replacement or help is needed.

Khardung-la Pass

Group ride rules for Himalayan Odyssey 2018.

1. The group ride rules are some directives which are obvious to the riders.

2. The rules are made to make sure the safety and help the rider, if needed.

3. There are some things to keep in mind and those are.
i. Do not race with the fellow bikers.

ii. Choose you own buddies and move in a pack.

iii. The bike has to go 50Km per hour in given 6 hours to ensure the everyone reached on time as scheduled.

iv. Ride in close procession while entering & leaving the city so no one gets lost.

v. Do not come close to rider and overtake without his/ her knowledge.

vi. If you want to inform other rider for something is wrong, let’s say in his helmet, just signal with your headlight if you are behind or slow down to pull over gradually with brake light & left indicator on.

vii. If anyone finds something strange, bring into the notice of the group leader.


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Royal enfield OdysseyAll the things discussed and shared are crucial part of a journey called ‘Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey’ which is an exciting and the intriguing part of the Himalayan Odyssey 2018 is how many bikers would be able to complete the journey. Last year at ‘Himalayan Odyssey 2017’, 27 bikers out of 50 completed the Odyssey and others had to stop on the way due to sickness and unable to pass through the tough terrain.

But everyone is a winner who all participates in the ‘Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey’ is a champion as they have conquered the landscapes and has experience of no other path will give. The reminiscence of the roads, the waterfalls, mountains stays whereas air pressure problems and the entire hectic schedule pays-off ultimately. Bikers take the memories as souvenirs at home and with innumerable tales to narrate.