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The Roman and Greek mythologies always have a corner of our hearts. What this culture lacks in old songs completes in the remains that it has left behind. Santorini, as it is called by the tourists, is one of those villages. Which is not only famous for its sunlit days but beautiful colorful nights.

Located on the slope of the sleeping volcano, the pure white walls and balconies on the slope and sapphire blue coverings on the roofs of the stays make it one pretty sight to watch.

A must-visit for every travel, this Greek land offers a new level of luxury adventure and a sneak-peak into the long lost world or tale and tourism of a rehabilitated most visited travel destination.


When you google Santorini, the landmark Odori Church that you see with white walls and the blue roof is at this part of the village. Situated at a height of 70m to 200m above the sea level, it is known as the highest tourist point of Santorini and instantly attracts your attention for being admiral white on the sides and dome of sapphire blue at the top. Being built on the steep slope facing towards the endless sea makes it uniquely perfect.

The traditional Cycladic houses and cave houses built surrounding the place with bars and restaurants, all carved on the stairs of the mountains can make anyone fall into the architectural wonder. The four bronze bells in front of the famous church of oia including the Greek flag by its side is more than beautiful to see.

But what makes this city worth visiting exactly in the evenings apart from its architectural virtue. The answer is the orange Greek sky of Santorini at sunset and all the shadows that it forms in the village of oia along with ferra which resided side by side. If you are tired by your daily life and simply want to feel your heart beating, there is no place as serene and worthy than evenings at Oia.


A few miles down from the tourist favorite Oia is Imerovigli which is not only comparatively quiet from Oia but if you want to take the real taste of Santorini Villages then this could be your appropriate stay.

Apart from many duly aesthetic hotels that this village offers, along with traditional delicacies and local wine, it also offers warm, Epsom salt bathtubs to intoxicate you with a view of purple skies in front of your eyes. The lavender images and shadows of the clouds in the sky can dare you to reach for your camera in the shortest time possible.

Being just in the middle of the whole region, along with the balcony views that it offers at the sunrise, at the sunsets, and the changeling of the shadow patterns from one time of the day to another will make you fall in love with it. You might see the time passing but you won’t feel it happening for a moment.


Santorini, being a volcanic mountain at the coast cannot be short of beaches but the most multifaceted thing about this vacation spot is that it has all the color of beaches but separately With different kind of rocks and sediments and irregular volcanic eruptions make this a hub for everything but so distinct that you can simply wonder it to yourself by being amazed by it when you visit it.



With red, slippery rock, the red beach is the most remote place that you will find in this highly touristic place. It can still leave you in wonder with its shapes and cliffs.


Just like the red beach, the white beach is one of its own, being made out of white rocks and sediments. Along with the regular salty tides from the sea makes it another site to see and worth spending some time here. You can simply look at the play of the tides with the rocks and how one day the minute pieces would simply flow away with water.


Covering the majority of the parts of Santorini beaches are the black sand beaches which are most prominent and can give you the spots to lie down and enjoy your day in the sun for a little bit with colorful umbrellas at your head and cool drinks. The Kamari beach and Perissa Beach are the two black beaches side by side which can give you great options to relax and enjoy the day.


Last but not least in any way when it comes to its beauty, Vlychada beach is the beach for the people who prefer to be near water in the night and prefer sea view under the starry night. But be careful with this beach is the place which can bind your feet under a full moon night as it reflects the peaceful moonlit nights.


Being totally surrounded by the water on most of the sites if you want to completely explore Santorini then hiring a boat for a day or two is a must. After all, how can you explore the rest of the portions of the mountain to which you can neither trek nor drive to?

The boats are at your service in that case and can not only give you a tour to the far-sighted sea but underwater and the other portions of Santorini as well.


If you are more interested in the history of this amazing place rather than just being at the tourist spots. Then you are most welcome to Thera. As per the history, the second most significant period in the evolution of Santorini belongs to the city of Thera.

If you remember King Leonidas for the flick “300” then the Spartan history and the ruins of the geometrically built establishments in this city will fascinate you. It’s been locally said that the ruler Theras who was supposed to be the descendant of The Great Spartan ruler, the kind of Thebes, Autesion.

Apart from the Greek history on the greek mountain, you would be enamored by the spell bounding constructions of this city. The public places being constructed of limestones and the more significant places being built of geometrically carved stones. You will find very impressive ancient art with pottery of ceramics and exquisite designs on arts and crafts.



If you are visiting the ruins of the forgotten kingdom then the archeological site of Akrotiri would definitely be enticing to you. Being the active volcano that it was in the past, the city of Akrotiri was mostly covered in ashes until the 17th century. But considering the historical importance that it has, it has been preserved by the archeologist.

There is a separate archeological museum being made to showcase the history of the place, apart from that you can visit the Minoan site to walk through the history yourself to know and understand a slight eruption brought down a completely different era which used to thrive in this place.


Santorini could be famous for many things but there is one thing on which the economy of this Greek village thrives and can give cut-throat competition to the Italian tastes and that is the wine of Santorini. Your visit is not complete if you have not accompanied the local wine along with ambrosial food that Greek chefs of Santorini offer.

But if you simply want to taste all kinds of wines and explore the world of Greek Wineries then you must visit Pyrgos for wine tasting. It is open throughout the year and you can be friends with all the people who work here.

They can not only make you taste all the available wines but can enlighten you with the process of winemaking in this portion of land where there are no vineyards and the preservation can be one hell of a task. Above all the process and time that it takes, they won’t compromise with the tenacity of the drink.