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Selfies Can Take Your Life: Why You Must Not Get Caught In Labyrinth of Selfies Even When Travelling

The madness over clicking selfies no matter where you go doesn’t seem to cease. If you are among people who are obsessed with taking selfies, then you must reconsider clicking your epic pictures again. In alarming research, it has been found that India has had the highest number of Selfie-related deaths. While it is true that ours is a beautiful country whose every fancy bit and pieces deserves to get captured on your camera lens, no one can deny the seriousness of the issue selfies are creating. People particularly youngsters are becoming vulnerable and more exposed to the ill effects of selfies that hamper their mental ability, logical thinking and reasoning power. The obsession that grows day by day ends up taking the lives of thousands of youth every day.

The perils of taking selfies are far worse than they appear to be. Youngsters are risking their lives by heading for the dangerous spots that are not to be toyed with. Whether its sea or mountain, desert or rainforest, there are no places/topography left where you can simply enjoy nature the way it’s meant to be and devoid yourself of selfies. If snapping pictures and posting your selfies on social media has become a habit for you, you need to change it right now! Here’s how selfies can destroy your life in a matter of time and why you should refrain from getting obsessed with your pictures mostly SELFIES-

Selfies destroy your confidence and increase anxiety: The point can be well understood from an example. Let’s say you have clicked cool pictures of yourself and post it to your Instagram. Now, naturally, you’d be expecting compliments and likes on those selfies. When you don’t get the response you were expecting, you tend to snap and feel disappointed. In retaliation, you use swanky filters to get approval from your friends and family.

Selfies make you doubt your beauty and you get caught in the web of image editing software that makes you flawless in virtual life. When you use filters and image editing tools to enhance your beauty, you are actually fooling yourself. Why do you need to look flawless anyway? Why can’t you just love yourself for what you are? When you search for answers, you’ll find that everything lies inside you. Self-doubt and low self-esteem are the reasons that make you do what you do.

When you explore different places, their culture, art and traditions, you forget to actually experience it and end up becoming an amateur photographer instead. The art of soaking the essence of a vacation/trip is to enjoy every minute of it without thinking about ‘why my face looks oily/dry?’ ‘Should I wear that shade or go with a cap?’ ‘Will I look good in this or that?’ etc. These questions slowly decrease your confidence and make you chained to the societal norms of being perfect no matter its day or night.

Selfies pose risk to your privacy: Social media frantics might know that facial recognition technology used by them contain your invaluable information including your facial features, digital signatures etc. This information is prone to be leaked for commercial and other types of exploitation.  Anything you upload or download from the internet leaves a digital footprint that can violate your privacy if not managed properly. Selfies are just a tiny reflection in the mirror we’re emphasizing.

We agree that the charm of posting that perfect Selfie is too hard to resist. However, if you consider its effect on your mental health then you’d understand why Selfies should not become an addiction. You might have read in the newspaper every while and then about some random kid who trips over a cliff taking a selfie or a person drowned while taking a selfie with marine creatures or a youngster died while taking a selfie with a wild beast. There are columns in every newspaper that mention the death of people owing to selfies every day. 

Do you know that selfies can actually make you feel alone and damage your real relationships? When you post tons of selfies on your social media accounts, you are increasing the chances of your friends dislike you. So next time you head outside, flip your camera and capture what lies ahead of you instead of confining yourself to your camera. See the real world through your real eyes not the eyes of the camera lens and you’ll know the difference. We are not saying that selfies are bad, but are simply emphasizing on the fact that too much of selfies can harm your mental health. If you are already a captive of it, take someone’s help and rid yourself of Smartphone for time being. Love yourself rather than being someone else.