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Trendy Educational Trip Ideas Every School Should Consider for their Students

The rat race of excelling in everything has rendered school students absorbed in studies so much so that it ends up suppressing their potential and leave them awkward and shy. The purpose of schools is to make students understand the basic concepts of life which help in shaping their personalities. This is probably one of the many reasons why it has become a necessity of time to give them the exposure they deserve to have that extra edge. These cool educational trip ideas will help you in deciding where to take your students for their holistic growth i.e. a place where they can not only learn about things but enjoy the time too. These ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas for school tours will catalyze the rate of learning in the kids of the new generation.


Museums are one of the many great ways to make the kids understand the value of objects and help them connect the dots with history. For a field trip loaded with knowledge, you can take your children to the museums about- arts, history, science and technology, handicrafts, memorial, archeological etc.  This will also help students unleash their imagination and creativity.  Talk to the director of a museum to schedule a trip for your students.

Amusement Park

Who doesn’t enjoy thrilling rides in an amusement park? The fun, excitement, heart-thumping feelings and charm of amusement parks pull people of all ages towards it let alone kids! To make the students understand the importance of fun, amusement parks are certainly a better choice. After all, there is more to life apart from studies. Children today have become tech-savvy that they don’t know what the real fun in life is. Technology has made them glued to gadgets like a magnet. A typical school life now a day has become an amalgamation of studies and gadgets that there is no space left for a fun time. Which is why, you should be taking them for field trips once a while to teach them something new and exciting. Amusement parks can do the trick just rightly.


 A trip to the theater is also a good idea for school-goers where they can learn about acting and its components- camera, lighting, expressions, dialogue delivery etc. It might give a push to those who are interested in plays and acting and wishes to pursue a career in it. Taking the students to a local theater will help them building perspectives on things which is an important part/lesson of life that cannot be taught by books alone.

Government office

While school books are loaded with plenty of information about the working of government offices (municipal corporation, maintenance department, parks, courts etc), they are not understandable till one actually explore those places. It is rightly said that the things we see from our eyes stay forever in our minds. That is probably why a tour to government offices is what your school should be planning next. Besides making the students figure out the complex process of how things are done in a typical government office, government offices also give them a brief on the life of an officer. This way students can decide if they wish to pursue government job in future or not. Government offices can give a head start to future officials and motivate the children to serve the nation and its public.

Historical places

It might sound clichéd but historical places can work wonders in developing the minds of young ones. Places that were inked in history are a reminder of the good and bad times our country faced, its rich culture, traditions, myths and stories associated. Reading history of a place, person, or object can become boring owing to lack of imagination. But with field trip to historical places, students will not only take interest in the subject but it will also improve their memory. Some historical places worth visiting for a school trip are- Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Humayun Tomb, Konark Temple, Amer Fort, Ajanta Ellora Caves, Sanchi Stupa, Fatehpur Sikri, Red Fort, Bhimbetka etc.


Restaurant tour is one of the most trendy school trip ideas that are opted by many schools to expose children to the world of catering and hospitality. A field trip to a restaurant can teach ample things to school students- different types of cuisine, cooking techniques, value of food, serving techniques and so much more. It is a great start for an aspiring restaurateur or chef to learn some hacks and cooking skills. Talking to a manager or chef will give clarity to students in deciding whether they can pursue a career in this field or not.


One of the most fun-filled approaches to learning is a tour of a manufacturing industry a.k.a factory. A trip to the factory adds a wealth of knowledge in the minds of children where they get to know all about the manufacturing industry, how things are made, processed and shipped. Moreover, there are social lessons to learn from a factory as students realize the plight of the workers, and the conditions they live in.


A trip to a farm is a good idea to familiarize students with the agriculture industry and its essential components like- how seeds are selected, sown, how which crop to sow in which season, when to harvest the crop, how farmers sell their crop etc. Call it irony that even though India is an agricultural country, farmers are not given their share of dues and farming is least considered profession especially by the urban population. But the wheel of time has flipped now, people are tilting towards the unconventional career like organic farming which is paving the way for a brighter future in the agriculture industry.

Radio Station

Another trendy place to take students on a school trip is a radio station as there are plenty of internship opportunities they can grab there. It’s a good way for budding radio jockeys to catch a glimpse of the working of a radio station. You might stumble upon celebrities who come there to promote their movies.

Hill Stations

Travelling is the best way to expose children to an unfamiliar world and derive strength to overcome any challenge they come across. It not only builds confidence, improves their leadership and networking skills and knowledge about different areas, but develops their social and intellectual skills too.  A trip to hill stations can work wonders for school kids. It’s not only fun but an interesting way to sharpen interpersonal skills.