Ultimate bucket list for female solo travelers| Explore female-friendly places in India

Packed with beauty, color, spirituality, culture, traditions and wonder, India is a dream travel destination for many solo travelers out there. With vast expanses of stunning views, jaw-dropping landscapes and uninhabited land, no wonder travelers get spellbound to explore these places.  While travelling in India is no less than a soulful excursion but the country had been publicized as an unsafe place for female solo travelers for a long while. To be honest, this might be true to a certain extent but several places in the country are completely safe for female travelers.

Solo travelling in India can be a pretty intense and daunting experience for a women traveler if precautions are not taken while exploring the places. On a typical note, the country has some of the phenomenal places where you can travel around safely without any worry. Here in this post, we have compiled a list of travel destinations for a female solo traveler that are extremely friendly and safe. Explore these places to get a whole new perspective on safe traveling and life in general. So ladies! Pack your bags and get ready for your next safe solo adventure!


Nestled amidst the mountain of the north-west region of Himalaya, Shimla is a hill station popular among solo travelers seeking peaceful surroundings to bask in the beauty of nature. You can easily navigate the town by foot, eat and drink the way locals do and hike to Jakhu temple to seek blessing for a prosperous and happy future. A train ride from Kalka to Shimla must not be missed when you put the place on your bucket list. Shimla is your ideal destination if you wish to experience a slower pace of life rather than the bustling sound of the cities.

After a decadent breakfast at Indian coffee house, take a stroll to admire the local sceneries and places including mall road, Christ church, or walk the ridge to catch some fresh air. To snap remarkable pictures, scandal point is the place where you can try your hand at photography. The view of sunset and sunrise from this point cannot be described in words. If you fancy colonial architecture, then Shimla will not disappoint you. As far as safety is concerned, Shimla has ample options for safe accommodation where you can spend some “me” time without any worry. The warm-hearted people of Shimla will treat you as a family. The hospitality of locals is yet again a wonderful experience in itself.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur is a world in itself with majestic royal palaces, forts, colorful markets, rich cultural heritage, and intriguing architecture among others. The place acts as a soothing balm after you leave the rush of cities. You will feel right at home wandering through city palace, Jantar mantar, Hawa mahal, Jal mahal, Amer fort, Jai garh fort, Nahargarh fort etc. Despite being hyper touristy, Jaipur isn’t crowded at all. Rajasthan’s hospitality will leave you in wonder.

While taking a tour of the place, you can enjoy camel ride and feel like royalty. You can also pamper yourself in shopping escapades. The local markets of Jaipur can overwhelm you with countless things to buy be it- artifacts, antic pieces, jewelry, laakh-bangles, colorful clothing etc. When in Jaipur, you mustn’t miss trying out popular dish dal bati churma. The vibrancy and lively environment of the city make it alluring to a female solo traveler. You may also encounter a fellow traveler and chit-chat while exploring the nook and corner of the city. Being a tourist-friendly place, you can wander different places without any restrictions or fear.


Located on the eastern coast of the country, Pondicherry is the best place in India to get the feeling of France. The place is perfect for solo travelers seeking a relaxed vacation miles away from the crowd of the city. Pondicherry can be best explored by a cycle just like they do in France. Riding a bicycle and watching buildings with colonial French architecture is a treat to the eyes. If you are exhausted from your solo excursion, then you may take a break to enjoy tranquility at virgin beaches nearby.

Auroville Ashram is a place where you can find peace and spirituality in every corner. The taste of mouthwatering French delicacies served by small shacks and restaurants will never leave your tongue ever! Meditation on the shores or in Ashram should be the top things to do when touring the place. This little hamlet is completely safe to travel on any season. Here, you might meet solo travelers like you. Do not forget to exchange stories over a hot cup of coffee!


If you want to feel being in nature’s lap, then Assam should be your next destination for solo travelling. The state is a paradise where you can experience wildlife on the ultimate safari and involve in local festivities that are extremely engaging and fun. If you wish to seek animals in their natural habitat, awe-strucking landscapes and rugged nature, then there could be no better place in the world than Assam. A haven for solo travelers, this enchanting land is for those who love to explore offbeat tracks and indulge in life-changing adventures.

Home to the one-horned rhinos, this state is sprawled with savannah grasslands, dense deciduous forests, wetlands and river islands formed by magnificent Brahmaputra river.  There are plenty of things you can do while on a visit to this breathtaking place. From admiring nature to trek into the untouched terrain, the state won’t disappoint the wanderlust inside you. The locals in this northeastern region are regarded highly for their hospitality and generosity, so you won’t feel being an outsider. A trip to Assam is kind of vacation most won’t ever experience. Henceforth, don’t waste time and start planning your solo adventure right away!

Munnar, Kerala

For a soul-fulfilling solo trip experience, Munnar is among the ultimate places every solo traveler must visit once. Being surrounded by misty green hills, tea plantation, rugged natural beauty, and friendly people will give you a surreal feeling.  Munnar has ample of nature, history and excursions to keep any solo traveler happy. The appetizing south-Indian cuisine, traditional art, music, and folk dance exclusive to this region will leave you yearn for more.

The rustic ambience of the place is surely going to make you forget the hustle and bustle of cities. Moreover, you can enjoy excursions without any unwanted attention or advances since the people are extremely friendly and helpful. Kerala is one of the safest states in India, so it’s a perfect place for female solo travelers seeking adventure or relaxation.  Looking for indescribable natural beauty? Popular activities include- tea plantation visiting, watch Kathakali dance, cycling, trekking, zip lining.


Gujarat is considered a female-friendly state and offers ample of travelling adventures for solo travelers. For a trip packed with fascinating culture, authentic food, incredible shopping and pulsating nightlife, head straight to Gujarat. Some places to cover on your trip to this wonderland are-Somnath temple, Akshardham temple, Gir forest, Rann of Kutch, Sabarmati ashram, Porbander, Dwarka, Girnar, Ambaji, and Diu.  Navratri festival is celebrated on a massive level that you mustn’t miss under any circumstances. You can also dance the night away with garba and dandiya, state’s folk dance organized during Navratri and other occasions.  Gujarat is a quintessential place for adventure junkies where thrill can be experienced at every step of the journey. There is an endless array of things to do in Gujarat. It has everything a female solo traveler requires: safety, cleanliness, and friendly people.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

Blessed with a rich history, culture, safe environment and abundant natural resources, this tea estate can safely be explored by female solo travelers. Away from the bustling city, Darjeeling is a place begging to be explored on foot. Some chief attractions/experiences you must visit or experience are-Darjeeling Himalayan railway, National park, Tiger hill, Batasia loop, Joey’s pub, Japanese peace pagoda. The place is ideal for solo travelers seeking peace and tranquility amidst nature. You can lose yourself in the picturesque sceneries, waterfalls, temples, tea gardens, parks, or capture exotic wildlife in your camera among others. The place has everything to keep you busy. While on a trip to this enchanting land, don’t forget to sip the famous Darjeeling tea!


Sikkim is a state where two famous religions -Hinduism and Buddhism coincides. Gangtok is a popular hill station in India that attracts solo travelers from all over the world. It has some amazing bars and lounges, multi-cuisine restaurants that are notably class apart and a great way to make friends. Not only this, Sikkim is an ideal solo trip destination where adventure sports like river rafting, trekking, paragliding and zip lining can pump up your adrenaline for an adventurous getaway. It is hard for anyone to miss the alluring view of snow-capped mountains, shimmering waterfalls, pure air and peaceful vibes of monasteries.  Walking through the town, enjoying festivals and other experiences can make your solo vacation all more memorable. The views of Kanchenjunga peak from any location throughout the state will take your breath away. Sikkim is one of the many safe places in India that is worth mentioning in your solo travel bucket list this year.


Tucked in the Parvati valley, this small and humble hamlet is a hotspot for travel enthusiasts and nature lovers. Interestingly the town is full of bars and cafes where you can meet strangers and befriend them over a coffee or dance your heart out in the charismatic trance music playing in the background or simply enjoy the view of the mountain, waterfalls, sound of birds, etc. Kasol is a safe destination for female solo travelers looking for some “me” time. You may also opt for treks organized to the nearest places or villages to break the monotony. 

Spiti Valley

Spiti valley is considered as the holy grail of backpackers and solo travelers seeking nature in its untouched form. Snuggled between Tibet and India, this sparsely populated valley witness the influx of solo travelers throughout the year and is extremely safe for women travelers. If you want to visit a place where you can get a break from the hustle and bustle of cities, then Spiti valley is the place you should venture next.

Spiti valley is also a perfect place for those who wish to experience spiritualism and tranquility to become a better version of themselves. Being the most unexplored and unspoiled terrain in India, Spiti fascinates wanderlusts and adventure junkies from all corner of the world. From lodging facilities to the heartwarming hospitality of people, there are no areas left where you won’t feel overwhelmed. Whether it is a trek to Chandra Taal, a stay in local village, a walk in nature, relishing local cuisine, sightseeing, visiting monasteries, Spiti has it all to soothe your soul. So don’t hold just read about it over the internet and start preparing for your next solo adventure!

After knowing about the safest places in India for female solo travelers, if you still yearn to visit these places, then you need to put everything aside and let your adventurous soul take over for the journey ahead. These places will undoubtedly bring a great personal transformation in you. Have a happy and soul-fulfilling trip! If you have amazing stories to tell, then do share your adventures with us.