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7 Best Tree Houses in India to Relive Childhood Days -Tripsonwheels

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Tree Houses in India, You might have climbed on a tree back in your childhood days. If not, then you must have made makeshift tents with your siblings and pretended it was a tree house and enjoyed those silly but cute moments. Childhood is the most precious time of our lives- when we learn to know about things, cause mischief, and do a ton of things to scare the fish out of our parents (of course in playful ways!). 

If you are someone who wishes to relive those days, here’s the chance to escape the humdrum of the cities and your busy schedule. It’s high time to ditch clichéd hotels and resorts and indulge in tree house resorts emerging straight out from wonderland. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and enrich the memories of the past with these tree houses in India. Don’t forget to invite your siblings to be a part of this adventure.

Vythiri Resort- Wayanad is one of the best tree houses in India 

Wayabad is one of the best tree houses in India, Concealed by dense forest, Vythiri resort in Wayanad district is one of the largest tree house resorts in India. It’s a perfect place for those wishing to spend a laid-back holiday in the lap and luxury of nature. The enthralling beauty of Vythiri Resort is no less than a treat to your eyes. Staying in a tree house amidst the thick canopy of the forest is an unparalleled experience that must be taken once in this lifetime.  With the soothing sound of birds chirping, breathtaking view of the sunset and greenery, Vythiri tree house resort will captivate your heart. The tree house is everything you need to relive your childhood days. Enjoying a bonfire with your siblings in the resort will remind you of your hooligan days. Holidaying in the resort is a great way to strengthen your bond with your loved ones.

Tree House Cottage- Manali

Manali is the next one of the best tree houses in India, Tree house cottage is a family-run property that makes one feel home away from home. Here’s your chance to revive the child inside you and pamper yourself with the best experiences ever. The cottage is surrounded by lush apple and plum orchards and meadows that will remind you of the imaginary place you’d built in your childhood. The difference is that it’s not a dream but a reality where you get to unleash the childhood memories and enjoy the reminders of your golden days. Have made any plans for the weekend with your kith and kins? If not, then head to Manali and revel in the comfort of tree house cottage.

Marmalade Spring Plantation Resort-Kerala

Buried in the middle of jungle, Marmalade spring plantation resort is one of the best tree houses in India that epitomizes the untouched and raw beauty of nature. The tree house is everything you can ask for a relaxed holiday. Tucked in the thick canopy of a forest in Wayanad district, the resort is set on a coffee plantation next to the area’s oldest tribal colonies. If you fancy a trip where you can simply bathe in the hypnotizing view of nature, think no further as marmalade spring resort is waiting for you. Staying in this one-of-a-kind tree house resort is a unique way to spend quality time with family and friends. Interested much? Pack your bags, call your siblings and head to the resort without further delay!

Kaama Kethna Ecological Retreat- Goa

If you feel burdened by massive work in your professional and personal life, its right time to take a break from this conundrum and feel bliss in nature’s bubble.  Nature has the solution to all our problems. So why not take some time off the work and indulge in soul-soothing experiences. Keema Kethna Ecological Retreat in Goa is an ideal place to take care of yourself and think nothing but simply enjoy life’s simple moment.

This tree house retreat is a great place to figure out how to sort things in life because, to be honest, life is not so messy, it’s our attitude what makes it simple or complex. Not to dive deep into philosophical zone, the crux is that vacations are meant to revive your mind, body and soul.  Goa is a place meant to enjoy the best life has to offer. But, staying in this tree house resort is what makes take this vacation thingy to another level.

The Tree House Resort- Jaipur

If you fancy a luxurious getaway where you need not step a foot outside and simply relax in a place with all the modern amenities, tree houses resort in Jaipur will guarantee you that. Surrounded by Keeker trees, the resort in Jaipur is heaven to lazy souls who want to revive their spirits in a place where they need to do ‘nothing’. The thrill of staying in a tree house where you are surrounded by lush greenery cannot be described in words. With a near-to-perfect view of Aravalli hills, staying in the tree house resort is something you’d not want to miss in this life.

Vanya Tree House- Kerala

Kerala is a nucleus of surreal places to enjoy a laid-back vacation. Since we are talking about best tree houses in India where you can revitalize yourself and relive childhood memories, Vanya tree house is one name that also needs to be mentioned here. Situated amidst thick tropical rain forests of Kerala, Vanya tree house is a perfect escape from the chaos of the cities. Trapped in a busy lifestyle, we often forget to think about ourselves and end up messing things around us. A weekend getaway in the lap of nature can create wonders for you. Which is why you should be travelling to Kerala and stay in Vanya tree house to spend some ‘me’ time or quality time with friends and family.

The Machan- Maharashtra

Are you seeking a retreat from the maddening crowd? Head to lonavala and stay in one of the most luxurious getaway in the country i.e. The Machan to reconnect with yourself and with nature.  Living in tree houses is not a childish thing to do anymore. People crave to go back to their childhood days when things were pretty much simple and enjoyable. The Machan is one of the biological hotspots in the country located in a private tropical forest in the Western Ghats known for outstanding and jaw-dropping scenery. What could be a better way to spend ‘me’ time but with nature? If solitude is what you need, head to the Machan for surreal experiences.


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