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Ring of Fire Adventure Awaits You. Don’t Miss This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

Good news to all intrepid travelers out there! Your wish to explore the deepest part of the ocean is going to get fulfilled.  Now would be the right time to prepare yourself for a life-altering experience beneath the deep crevices of the ocean. Sitting proudly at a depth of 10,928 meters, who wouldn’t want to dive into the challenger deep (believed to be the deepest point of earth’s seabed)? Surely not the weak-hearted ones, right?

EYOS expeditions and Caladan Oceanic have recently announced a new 6-month project exploring the ring of fire. Die-hard fans of titanic can grab the opportunity to experience the underwater world (deepest part of the ocean) for real. EYOS expeditions and Caladan are offering a similar chance for three audacious travelers who will be known as ‘mission specialists’ to dive into the Mariana Trench and capture video footage of the challenger deep. These specialists will also have to collect samples just like they do it ‘Titanic’ movie for the assessment of environmental impact at the deepest points in the ocean. But before you start daydreaming, here’s what you should know about this thrilling journey.

About The Process of Selection

EYOS expeditions haven’t released any information on how the mission specialists or explorers will be chosen so far. The companies have only stated that the opportunity will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis and no formal pre-departure training will be needed from the explorers as all the chosen explorers will get a ship and sub-orientation.

When Will The Dive Take Place?

The dive to the challenger deep (in Mariana trench) will most probably take place in June 2020 with 3 explorers joining the mission in the vessel Pressure Drop at Agat, Guam.

How Much Time Will The Expedition Take?

The dive will take almost 14 hours that includes descending to the bottom, seafloor, and ascension to the surface. Divers will get an opportunity to explore the unexplored frontiers, film extraordinary species and collect samples to evaluate the impact of anthropogenic activities on the environment. The expedition is planned for 6 months.

As per the founding partner of EYOS expeditions, the challenger deep is the most exclusive destination on earth and only three manned expeditions have been made to its bottom so far.  This marine exploration is certainly a fantastic experience worth having in life. Last year, the five deep expeditions identified 40 new species during a similar expedition to the five of the world’s deepest trenches. This time, EYOS and Caladan are aiming to discover more new species.