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Destinations Must Visit in India | Best Cities to Visit in India.

India is a place of history, place of heritages, reunion of many religions, birthplace of many languages. People come for spiritual awakening in India, this place is a concoction of rainbow colors of cultures and traditions. Every one is intrigued by India’s indelible essence. Destinations Must Visit in India does not only gives you places to visit in India but also for the famous things they are known for!

According to the statistics, India comes at 7th position in terms of travel & tourism around the world. If someone is planning for a great trip in India, there are so many places which might confuse you. Some have astounding mountains, some have stupendous beaches, some are known for ancient times and some are hub of temples. So, we are serving you with the Best Cities in India which would interest and you better visit all of them to know India better!


Destinations in India to Travel : Best Destinations in India.

1. Delhi.

Delhi places to visit

i. India Gate Delhi.

The capital of India has a wide range of places to offer to tourists. The most important and prominent one is India Gate Delhi as it’s the first attraction as it is a war memorial. It is huge monumental arch which is in memory of soldiers who died in world war-I.

People come here strolling and India Gate at Night seems like the perfect place for taking walks. You can go for night out at India Gate with friends and this is a thing which every delhiite must do.

ii. Red Fort Delhi.

Among the most popular tourist attractions is the Red Fort Delhi which ought to be visited once in a lifetime. This was built by Shah Jahan in 1646. A World Heritage Site made from Red sandstone which is the best family holiday destination in India. This is a reminder of glorious power of Mughal Emperors and is the largest monument in Old Delhi.

If you are not a lover of history and ancient times, sound and light show depicting Mughal Empires will definitely interest you.  It shows a massive wall which projects pictures and narrate a story which are Things to See in Red Fort Delhi. The Perfect Time to Visit Red Fort Delhi is in August when different events takes place at the time of Independence day.

iii. Parliament of India.

As a localite or a tourist and traveler, you Must Visit Parliament of India. The Indian parliament building is must see through a Parliament of India Tour which takes place every sunday and the booking are done online. This is a significant place that runs the whole country and debates are taken place which improves the country.

Visitors are not allowed when session is going on but one can attend taking permission. The tour shows you the Lok Sabha Hall, Rajya Sabha Hall and Central Hall. This is a building that protects the democracy of the country.


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2. Kerela.

Kerala places to visit

i. Beaches.

The foremost attraction of Kerela are the Beaches. If you want peace and need relaxation with a shack on the sand, must visit Kerela. You can visit best beaches in Kerela including Kovalam beach, Hawah Beach, Samudra Beach. These give you the beautiful time to spend time with your family and friends. This is also the Best Destination for Honeymoon.

ii. Ayurvedic Massages.

Book the Best Ayurveda Resorts In Kerala For A Revitalizing Retreat. Forget all the tensions here and relax your mind, body and soul. If you are a traveler looking for more easy going trip and a treat for you, well, this is it!

iii. Elephant Spa.

It must be so common to hear about Elephant taking bath and people taking photographs sitting on top. But this is such a surprising thing for foreigners. This is a fact that India’s scorching heat cannot be beaten by anyone, not even huge elephants. Their diet is also taken care of properly. Foreigners are also seen giving them bath and enjoying the arduous task.

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3. Varanasi.

Varansi places to visit

i. Evening Aarti.

Destinations Must Visit in India is Varanasi , earlier called ‘Banaras’. This is one of the Most Traveled Places where foreigners come and find serenity and peace. This is a place where calmness meets.  Visit Ganga Ghat Aarti to get the whole view of the place. It gives a panoramic view of the river witnessing a wide view of Hindu rituals while mantras are going on. The mind blowing aarti gives you a reason to not even blink your eyes as to capture the best moments of the place. The aura of the aarti and the lighting altogether is a sight to remember. All the mantras leave you in a spell bind senses. Ganga Aarti just flows calmly herself and continues to give livelihood to communities.

ii. Alleviate you sins by taking dips in Holy water.

Wash all your sins by taking dips in Ganga water. Varanasi has more than 80 ghats where people take blessings and which are filled with mantras and chants every time. This place holds a lot in aspect of the human existence as people visit there in search of liberation.

iii. Dead people.

The Holy river Ganga in Varanasi is known for rituals performed for dead people. Their ashes are offered to river Ganga so the person rest in peace. This is highly sacred place which magnetize people throughout India. Indian people know its essence and bow with respect. The bodies are cremated also which is considered best for the soul to find peace.


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4. Mumbai.

Mumbai places to visit

i. Vada Paav.

You name Mumbai and all you think of, is a ‘Vada Pav’. People in Mumbai are obsessed with  this deep fried mashed potato dish covered with a layer of gram flour. In north India, it is called ‘Bonda’ made from the same technique but the way it is made in Mumbai cannot match any other town’s vadapav.

This is the cheapest thing you can find in Mumbai to eat and liked by people in large amount. You must try Mumbai’s Vada pav which will bring water in mouth and melt your heart at the same time.

ii. Film city of ‘Maya Nagri’.

Mumbai is also known as ‘Maya Nagri’. All the serials and films you see, mostly of them are shot in Film city in Mumbai. People come all the way from different corners of India to test their ability to act and struggle to get famous. You must take ‘Film City tour’ in order to reminiscence all the sets you must have seen in big films and popular soap operas.

iii. Beaches.

All the coastal places have a benefit of having beaches and some are so famous that you must explore them to get the best out of the place. Beaches like Juhu beach (where you might find randon celebrity jogging and chilling), Girgaum Chowpatty, Gorai beach, Aksa beach etc. Aksa beach is so famous that there is also a song on this beach, ‘Tujhe Aksa beach ghumaadun, aa chalti kya?‘ which has the famous Indian actor ‘Akshay Kumar’.

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5. Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal places to visit

i. Honeymoon places.

Mountains are best known for Honeymoon places where couples share the warmth in the cool weather. Himachal Honeymoon Places include Shimla, Chail, Dalhousie, Chamba, Kasauli, Kinnaur, Dharmshala and many more. These are the Best Honeymoon Places in Himachal Pradesh you must take a visit if you really want o make your tour special.

ii. River Raft.

Best Places for River Raft are Gobind Sagar, Chamera Lake, Manali-Kullu, Ravi, Beas, and Chandrabhaga are some of the best places. One of the most challenging rivers to perform in the Indian Himalaya is Sutlej. You can also go for Canoeing and sailing which are some additional water sports which tourists can enjoy in Himachal Pradesh.

You just have to take care of the precautions they teach if you, by any chance, get into trouble. They also make you sign the agreement as to if something happens to you, they are not answerable. It is a great source of adventure but risky at the same time.

iii. Landcapes and attractive views.

What are mountains considered with ? With beautiful green landscapes, fresh cool breeze and silence. These mountains offers you something which cannot be found anywhere. These days people are running to peaceful places from all the busy routines and ebb and flow of people. You must visit with family, friends or even office colleagues.


6. Leh Ladakh.

Leh_ladakh places to visit

i. Bikers heaven.

The zig zag territory of Leh and Ladakh is the mountainous region with snow capped range, rugged land that showers wilderness and shows beautiful yet dangerous roads. If you have great driving skill to pass the roads. You can stop wherever you want and watch the great views of mountains and hence known as Biker’s heaven which gives them a sense of challenges and adventure.

ii. 3 Idiots Trivia.

The Aamir Khan movie 3 Idiots where Kareena tries to find Aamir in school and finally meets him near lake. That school is actually real and the lake is very famous known as ‘Pangong Tso’. If you have seen the movie, you will really know the place and would be great to experience the place. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you must watch it first and then travel to Leh & Ladakh.

iii. Magnetic Hill.

Magnetic Hill is a very famous place which has a unique force which pulls the vehicles towards the hill which is why it is called ‘Magnetic Hill’. This is a unique yet surprising effect that comes handy to experience. This is a magical experience which takes you on a mind ride to find out why is it happening. Till then enjoy your trip to Leh & Ladakh.

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7. Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu places to visit

i. Dhanushkodi.

Dhanushkodi is at south part of Rameshwaram. This is a historic bridge and has stories from the past. Around 10 million monkeys made this bridge, stones and trees are used to make the bridge at the time when Lord Ram had to save wife Sita from Ravaan. In order to reach Sri lanka, the land of Ravan, the bridge was made. Watch the wonder by yourself why this is so famous and attracts people.

ii. Temples.

The people in Tamil Nadu still believes in traditional culture and continues the legacy of it. The most famous places at the place are the temples as it is related to the old and ancient times. This is the Best Destination to Visit with Family.

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ii. Food.

Have uttapam, banana bonda, Rasam in Tamil Nadu. The traditional food includes Sambhar Dosa, Idli, Medu vada. You must be thinking why to eat those which can be eaten anywhere else also, but the fact is that when you eat south Indian dish in south India, it has a different yet amazing taste which cannot be compared with any place.

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8. Goa.

Goa places to visit

i. Beaches.

Beaches are the main attraction in Goa. People are seen sitting with beer bottles, under shack at beaches. You must choose the best beach to get amazing experience of Goa. The best beaches in Goa are  Baga beach, Anjuna beach, Dona Paula, Agonda beach, Colva beach. Here are some seaside places which are considered as the best beaches in Goa.

ii. Chill in Pubs and enjoy Bonfire.

The most known partying place is Goa. Relax and enjoy Bonfire which proves to be the best place to visit with friends. If you do not have any one to enjoy with, that is also not a problem as you can always find a nice group which you can fit in. You dance, sing along with guitar.

iii. Forts.

Fort Aguada and Fort Chapora are the best forts to see in Goa. These forts are also seen in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ and many more films and friends are shown enjoying and relaxing at the fort. You can see beautiful sea view from the fort and best the best photographs and capture Kodak moments.

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9. Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal places

i. Wildlife.

Namdapha National Park is a park with rainforest reserve and tiger habitat. It is on the eastern Himalaya Biodiversity hot-spot. You must place to visit which gives you beautiful forest view with lake in between. The dominant flora and fauna in Namdapha National Park attracts you to the level you want to visit again.
ii. Rivers.

The famous rivers in Arunachal Pradesh which you pass through Bhrahmputra river, Sangti river, Lohit river, Dibang river and a lot more. These rivers show the beautiful picturesque that the place offers. You must watch through the window of your car what the nature is all about. It gives you the chance to feel the nature and respect it.
iii. Landscapes.

The main thing of mountains is watching the nature and landscapes. These are green and beautiful, amazing and astounding. You will feel relaxed by the weather and all the scenery seems goes like a film running on screen. Mountains are the best place to visit in India. If you have not see Himachal, you have not seen India!

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10. Andaman and Nicobar Island.

Andaman activities

i. Adventure activities.

If you are a Trek lover, you must do it in Neil Island, North Bay Island, Laxmanpur Beach, Cinque Island. Tourists can also Scuba dive and do Snorkelling which are great ways to explore the beautiful and exciting corals. For the ones who doesn’t know swimming can try Parasailing and Banana Boat rides, Jet Skiing. You can also experience a ride in the Seaplane. So many activities in just one place, that is the beauty of the place. Must visit and try all of them!

ii. Beaches.

Beaches like Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Vijaynagar Beach, Kala Pathar Beach, Corbyn’s Cove, Wandoor beach and so many more that are offbeat. Each and every beach is stunningly beautiful and a perfect place to chill and rejuvenate.

iii. Cellular jail.

Cellular jail Andaman is a former colonial jail, constructed between 1896 and 1906. This was called as ‘Kaala Paani’ where political prisoners who were exiled used to kept. This is from Independence time when many people opposed Britisher’s rules, they were kept in this jail. Today, this is a monument which is maintained in remembrance of the that time.

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The world is packed with intriguing elements both natural and man-made.This article with Destinations Must Visit in India captures surreal travel places which are must visit along with the best things to do in the place, the world wait to surprise you. So, without thinking much, pack your bags, take a camera and jet set go!